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New patients

We are delighted to see both new and returning patients! However, new patients are required to fill out a bit more paperwork. Please follow these directions so you can complete your forms before your first visit — that way we can see you more quickly and therefore address your issue or injury as soon as possible! 

Please be aware that your first visit will usually last one hour. That allows time for us to conduct an initial exam and assessment, and then you can go on to receive your first treatment.

Insurance options

Dr. Price is currently an in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you are insured by BCBS, we can file your claims directly with them.


We also welcome out-of-network patients! If you are out-of-network, you will pay for treatment at the time of your visit, and you will be given a fee slip and the proper claim form for your own insurance carrier. Depending on your insurance plan, you can submit for a reimbursement or to have your treatment applied to your annual deductible.

Call us to discuss your coverage! (214) 220-1212
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